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Royal Antibes Luxury Hotel, Residence, Beach & Spa: your meeting overlooking the sea

A sea view location in the centre of town just 25 minutes from the Nice International Airport, equally accessible by TGV or by car. The 64 suites and apartments, two meeting rooms, spa, two restaurants, and private underground parking are some of the amenities that make the ROYAL ANTIBES  the ideal site for your meeting.


Salle Riviera

Configured in a U or classroom arrangement for up to 35 people, or 55 people in an auditorium setting, the Salle Riviera is intended mainly for small- to medium-sized meetings.

Located on storey -1, the room is fully equipped for your needs and can be adapted to your event.




Personalised set-up, climate control, free Wi-Fi, telephone, wiring and connectors, video projector, giant screen, paperboard, notepads and pens, still water (1 large bottle/2 people per day, extra charge for additional water). Microphone and speakers upon request.


Spaces Area m2 icon-forfait-seminaire-1 icon-forfait-seminaire-2 icon-forfait-seminaire-3 icon-forfait-seminaire-4 icon-forfait-seminaire-5
 Salle Riviera  80  55  35  35  70
 Suite Royal  25-100  20  30
 Café Royal inside  100  80
 Café Royal outside  150  200
 Royal Beach  200  150


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